Mini Series Needle ValvesDownload Catalogue

  • Vee tip design - Controls accurate flow.
  • Stem threads Rolled & Hard Plated - Provides additional strength & maximum service life.
  • Mirror Finish Stem, burnished to a 16RMS - Extends packing life and smooth stem operation
  • Fully Supported Packing - Reduces need for adjustment.
  • Packing Nut - Easy and fast to move external adjustment.
  • Stainless Steel Handle - For proper actuation.
  • Dust Cap - Prevents contaminants and lubricant washout of bonnet assembly.
  • Maximum Working Pressure : 4000 PSI (280 bar) at 200 o C. .
  • 100% Factory tested.

Every PANAM Mini Needle Valve is 100% tested with nitrogen gas at 1200psig (80 Bar) for leakage at seal & seat. Hydrostatic test performed with pure water at 1 times of the working pressure.Other optional tests like helium and temperature are available upon request.