Pulsation Dampener / Snubber Download Catalogue

Pulsation dampener should be used when rapid pressure fluctuation which makes the needle of pressure gauge vibrate and difficult to read. Its unique combination of ball check cut off and a fine thread choke valve. After installation of the dampener the fine thread check valve should be adjusted to reduce pulsation in the line and needle vibration.

Data Sheet

Model No Description Thread size Body Material L1 in L2 in Max WP PSIG Weight Oz
150 BH Male x Female Pipe 1/2" Brass 2.31 0.75 5000 8
150 SH Male x Female Pipe 1/2" 316SS 2.31 0.75 10000 8
150 BO Male x Female Pipe 1/4" Brass 1.73 0.63 3000 6
150 SO Male x Female Pipe 1/4" 316SS 1.73 0.63 5000 6